Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Garden prep, day 3

The garden bed is finally prepped. This season I am using 5 rows, instead of a planting bed around the perimeter and one big bed out in the middle of the plot. I gave up my wide walkways and this will be tight to walk in when the veggies are full sized, but I was able to cram a lot more variety in this way.

In fact, I still have some space that is not occupied or reserved for a specific plant. The Princess talked me into trying carrots this year, so we have a row set aside for those. This year I am also adding eggplant to the mix. It has been a few seasons since we grew any. Like last year, the tomatoes will go back in the big pots.

The Princess and I will hit up the garden center one more time soon, to buy our tomato plants, an eggplant and some carrot seeds. I had hoped to keep the garden cost to about $100 this season and it looks like we will be coming in at less than half of that.

I think you can zoom in the labeled ares by clicking on the pics.

Looking Northeast

Looking Southwest

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking garden. While you are already planting we have about 4 feet of snow that needs to melt before we can even think about putting the seeds in the ground. But that hasn't stopped us from planning this years garden. :)
It's nice to look at other gardens and dream what it would be like to plant in Feb, instead of June.