Friday, February 26, 2010


I am sitting here in an absolutely quiet house. The Dude is asleep. No clue who The Dude is? Check this post from last weekend. There are bottles that need washing and the trash and litter box need to be emptied. But all of those things require making noise, so they can wait.

The only sounds around are the hum of the 'fridge and the clacking of the keyboard, with a little extra noise coming from the often used backspace key. Otherwise, nothing. I even stopped the loudest of the clocks.

When our own kids were little they did not need a silent house to sleep and I am not sure The Dude does either, but he has been sick all week and I want to give him a fighting chance to get a good snooze going. The Talker could bust out a nap anywhere on schedule. The Princess never slept. So quiet was not a big deal around here.

At this same age I knew everything about my kids. I understood the meaning of every whimper, whine and cry. Bottle time? Nap time? Play time? Check, check and check. But the time I have spent with The Dude has been a little different. I feel like I am playing catch-up. I don't know him nearly as well. So the first few days of our time together has been spent in an extended meet and greet.

But for now I must go. M&M the chicken is squawking her "just laid a big, fat egg song" and she seems to be putting a little extra volume to it today so I am off to Shhhhh! the chicken. It is nap time, after all.

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