Monday, February 08, 2010

Proof that the boy is only half of my genetic makeup.

(Or somewhere thereabouts. Percentages scare me.)

I admit I am not a math genius. It has been that way since, well, I would count the years, but I would probably count wrong anyways. Numbers are > than my brain.

Anyways, The Talker is showing himself to be much more like his momma in the math department. This afternoon I quizzed him.

"So we have 11 eggs in the carton. M&M laid one less than the other birds. Roadrunner and Gold Diamond each laid the same number of eggs. How may eggs did your hen lay?

That's easy, Dad. M&M laid 1 one and the others each laid five. Oh wait, you said she laid one LESS than the others, so M&M laid 3 and Roadrunner and Gold Diamond each laid 4."

So at 8 years old, the boy has basic computational skills that I still so don't possess. Now, all of this just leaves me wondering one thing. How how long until he can take me in arm wrestling, too?


The Father of Five said...

Are you saying he can't ??

urbanvox said...

scarry isn;t it?!?!?! :)