Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time to face music

The Talker is making his first ever visit to the dreaded Principal's office today. Seems he and a few other boys can't quit screwing around and being silly on the school bus ride home after school. And I have to admit, seeing the boy squirm and be nervous about this has given me a sick, cheap laugh.

By the time I was in the second grade I was on a first name basis with my elementary school Principal and most of the office staff. I probably spent more time in the office than I did in math class. (Then again, I probably preferred the office to math class.)

The Talker was nervous and twisting in the wind a little bit this morning. And you know, I think that is OK. I walked with him into the school today and we found out that the Principal would be calling them in to discuss the problem. He and his buddies will hopefully learn quickly that there are better times to goof around than on the bus ride home.

The Boss Lady and I discussed this last night. We decided that we will stand with the Principal when he doles out the consequences. Then, we had to revise that a little bit, since our kids do live in the era of ridiculous zero-tolerance policies. (None of which I expect the school to invoke in this instance.) So long as the punishment fits the crime, which might even include a day (or two) off of the school bus, we are OK with it.

Even though I never got in trouble on the school bus, only because we lived a couple of blocks from the school, please believe me, I remember what it was like to be a boy. Seems like only yesterday I was running around the house in my underwear, with a laundry basket on my head, scaring the dog and cats.

OK, so that WAS yesterday. But I wasn't doing all of that crazy crap on the school bus!


The Father of Five said...
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The Father of Five said...

Whoops.. Typoed in my last comment. I deleted it and repaired it...


I could not agree any more with your and The Boss Lady's approach on this.

Boys WILL be boys, and boys learn how to be men by making mistakes, by finding out where that "line in the sand" is for different situations... How far they can take things like fooling around, anger, their own temper, etc, etc, etc.

And just how do they do that? They usually step over the line, and get their hand slapped.

Like touching a hot pan on the stove... You learn quickly by doing.

Kudos to you and the Mrs! You have the right attitude! 100%