Saturday, February 21, 2009

Better bring the checkbook!

The AtHomeFam is heading north. Don't worry, I am taking the GPS unit with us.

We are driving up to see my nephew play basketball this afternoon. Amazingly enough, he plays directly across the street from the grocery store where I can buy can of The Good Stuff - also known as Dr Pepper with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar or sometimes as Dublin Dr Pepper.

Here's hoping the nephew wins. But either way, I know I am going to score. A few cases!

And keeping my nerdy-ness alive, I downloaded info about a couple of geocache sites near the basketball game. Maybe the kids and I will go treasure hunting this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

"Nectar of the Gods" - AKA You

The Father of Five said...

That is not quite far enough north!!

Eric said...

have a good time dude!