Saturday, February 07, 2009

U-Verse in the house!

The U-Verse installer is here! We have been waiting about a year for them to work out a kink in the network that was specifically blocking our house from the network. All of our neighbors have the service, so I am looking forward to getting the hook up.

Our house is pretty much an installer's nightmare. The attic is a pain to get into and there are old wires from cable and satellite connections all over the place. Plus, the previous home owner was the son of an electrician. So there are random electrical outlets and phone jacks EVERYWHERE! And it turns out the phones were not wired properly, so the U-Verse guy is currently rewiring all of the phone jacks before he can start the rest of the work.

The Boss Lady and I tried to make life easier for the installer. We unhooked every possible connection and moved most of the furniture early this morning. And to make the day easier on all of us I hooked up a TV and the Play Station in The Talker's room. That way the kids can watch movies and play games until the installation is done and I can avoid the whining that TV withdrawal can lead to.


The Father of Five said...

What is U-verse? Cable/Internet/Phone provider?

boss lady said...

Dude, it's the heaven of all those working against the Cable MAN! It is the integration of high-speed fiber -optic cable for totally digital internet, voice-over IP and digital TV service. Man, good stuff. AHD's parents got it 5 years ago and it's like crack! It is such an upgrade from our really, Really, REALLY old samme-lite system.