Sunday, February 08, 2009

Really tall fences make for really pissed off neighbors

Evidently the Fence Warz are just beginning. The neighbor is MIA in Europe while the fence around her yard was completed. Sort of.

Well, she really is in Europe. But the fence is only sort of finished, though the builders have declared it complete.

There is still some structural work to be done in our yard. Looks like I'll be sucking it up and finishing that part out myself. But the entire fence is built so far above grade (to keep it from being torn up by lawn services) that the neighborhood dogs are escaping underneath.

Those of us who were "given" a new fence are now having to patch and modify the monstrosity. That makes everyone happy. Including the neighbor, who called from Europe to chew out neighbors for messing up her new fence with the additional work. Now lots more people are ready to take up the fence fight.

Yeah! for neighborly togetherness.

Have I told you how much I hate the Wooden Wonder?


This morning, as I was finally sitting down to write a letter to the neighbor about my problems with the fence (because I don't think going over and confronting her is going to help anything at this point, besides, that @#(* fence is too tall to go OVER, I got a call from the city.

About a month ago, after I tried many times to contact a homeowner near us, I finally resorted to calling the city. She has the house rented out to someone with big dogs and the fence does not keep them securely contained. The dogs have never gone after a kid but I am not willing to wait for something to happen.

Anyways, I got the bureaucratic run around for a while. Then the fence report was lost in the shuffle. Finally, this morning they came out to investigate the fence report. After realizing that the fence was substandard, the inspector called me to ask what I knew about the fence or the homeowner.

"Not much. She has always ignored my calls and letters." was all I could offer. Then, after assuring me that he would track down the owner and make sure she got the fence replaced, Inspector Man asked about the neighbor's new fence.

Seems her new fence may be built too tall and might not meet city codes! He spotted it while he was driving around, checking out the other fence. Which ironically enough is also too tall AND sits right next to Wonder Woman's house.

I declined to drop a dime on the neighbor this time. But only because I have a masterfully written letter outlining all of my concerns about the Wonderful Wall o' Wood that I want to share with her first. Besides, if the city building inspector wants her name, I guess he can track the neighbor too.

Addendum to the addendum:

It is now a couple of days later. the neighbor has now called me, from her European vacation, to explain to me that she has seen the error of her ways and is correcting the problem quickly, upon her return to the neighborhood.

Oh, wait, that was my delusion.

In actuality, she explained that she was about to tear the whole @#*@)(^ fence down and leave the entire neighborhood in a lurch. Plus she now wants to sell her *&*^$)(* house to the first #@$ who will make my life a living hell.


So this is your chance. Ever wanted to live next to AtHomeDaddy? Or wanted to make AHD's life a living hell? I bet you could get a fire-sale price soon! Nice house, big pool. Bastard neighbors.

Goodness knows if she tore down that much fence she could build a bonfire big enough to light up the entire 'hood!


Anonymous said...

I don't know who decided that just because you live next to someone, that you should get along with them. It's like tossing two completely random people in a room together and forcing them to talk.

Knowing how truly few people I get along with, it's amazing I have any sort of civility with my neighbors. And then something like this happens? uh uh!

Otter Thomas said...

I live in a retirement neighborhood. My wife and I are the youngest on the block by about 30 years. If you ever get a chance to live in a place like this I hightly recommend it. They are home all day watching everything including your house. They are in bed by 7 so they are always quiet. It is really a perfect situation.