Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to the jungle wilderness

The Talker and I are planning a Spring Break Backpacking trip to the Sam Houston National Forest in southeast Texas. Specifically we are planning to backpack a couple of miles into the Little Lake Creek Wilderness Area to hike and camp along the Lone Star Hiking Trail. Right now our plan is to attack the north side of the North Wilderness Loop.

We probably won't hike too far in before we set up camp. I am too old and fat to go too far and I don't want the boy to have to drag my dead carcass over too many rough trails on the way outta there.

While we are out there we plan to do a lot of nothing and maybe some geocaching, too.

The planning for our trip has been going on for a month or so already. But we got serious tonight when I called in to reserve a youth sized backpack for the boy. I am not expecting him to tote too much gear, but it will be nice for him to carry his own clothes, sleeping bag and snacks. I'll use my ginormous pack to haul most everything else.

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John said...

Sounds fun man. Enjoy the your time with the talker! the outdoors is a great place to bond!