Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I got your Stimulus Package right here...

Have you noticed how often the news pundits like to use the phrase "Stimulus Package"? Anyways, seems like dentists and auto repair shops are doing OK in Austin this week.

The kids were in need of a dental checkup and we scheduled one for yesterday. Of course, I think it was in October when we scheduled the visit, but I digress. The kids didn't mind going to the dentist, since she has video games, computers, TVs and all of the fun stuff in the waiting room. Plus this dentist specializes in kids so the staff do a great job keeping everybody calm. The side by side chairs for siblings were a nice touch.

Four bills dropped there, before lunch time.

The AC in The Boss Lady's car crapped out a while back. It was no big deal, since the car has a sun roof and because I don't have to drive it very often. However, it was a big hassle when the window defroster would not work last month. So we planned to get it "looked at" yesterday.

I was thinking they could test stuff before ripping everything apart. Evidently the guys at the shop were thinking that ripping things apart sounded fun. Once they got to the problem, a bad fan switch on the dash, they were a couple of hundred bucks into tear down and diagnosis. Not wanting to pay anymore later, we had them install the new switch.

Four more bills dropped there, before dinner time. Would have been five hundred, but they just wanted me to stop crying.

Add in the $20 we dropped on a McDonald's lunch yesterday and the fact that I realized yesterday that I have lost my wedding ring again, and it seems the neighborhood is doing OK. I just hope other people are out there stimulating the economy, too.

Still, I think it all sounds a little dirty. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Our washer took a nosedive on Saturday. I spent $65 yesterday for a tech to diagnose the problem. I'll be spending $265 to have the new part installed next week. And we have had the darn washer less than 4 years! ARGH!

Cale said...

This whole thing just makes me sick. How is $80K for a frisbee golf course in Austin supposed to create jobs?!? We're moving and I spent $370 today alone to have a pre-listing inspection. I'd rather support local businesses/businessmen than have my congressman take my money and decide how it's dished out. Sounds to me like the only thing being stimulated are the egos of our congressmen. They see themselves as little gods with the power to decide who gets what tax dollars. Ugh. It makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

News story this morning talking about new retail stores opening. My company is expected to earn $4B this year.

SOMEBODY is spending money!