Thursday, February 12, 2009

A long, long weekend with the fam

The Princess' preschool is closed this morning and Friday, thanks to parent/teacher conferences. The Talker is out of school Friday for teacher in-service training. Then, The Talker is out of school on Monday because they have parent/teacher conferences scheduled.

In other words, I am about to earn my keep around here.

The Princess and I will be around the house today, trying to prep for the arrival of The Mother of the Bride sometime on Friday. She will be here until right after she goes home. (That perfume lingers, man...)

So, for the next five days the kids and I will be holding court in our backyard. There might be noise. There will surely be chickens. And possibly explosions. There might be fun. There will probably be crying. And lots of yelling. Lots of yelling!

But most of all, it will be loads of fun, being home for a few days and enjoying our little part of the neighborhood. Come over if you want. Heck, bring your pet lawyer with you. The fresh air would do him some good.

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