Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chicken pics and backyard fun

The weather was basically awesome here today. A little cloudy, but perfect for a day of having big fun at the homestead. I worked on fence issue #1035 for an hour or so this morning. For now I am declaring my part in this adventure, DONE!

With Mother of the Bride here this weekend, the kids are floating in new toys, so they had lots of options to keep themselves busy. For some reason I was more interested in the remote control helicopter than the Barbie set...

Everyone hung out and played chicken farmer with me this afternoon. The girls finally had enough snacks and they gave up to go rest on the swing set.

Fillet, M&M Butterscotch (left to right)

Guess what? Chicken butt!

Kodak, guarding the yard.

Still no eggs from out girls. According to my calculations and vast knowledge of all things chicken, they should be laying eggs in the next week or two. But they are so dang cute and fun that I am thinking they get to stay, even if I never get an omelet out of the deal.

And now for something completely different:

The Talker showing what we really think about Valentine's Day.


The Father of Five said...

Fun-dip candy!?!?!

#4 of 5 just ate one, came running to me to show me her tongue, and I thought to myself... Hey, where have I seen a tongue like that... Oh, yeah!!! AtHomeDaddy!

Anonymous said...

Omelet? What about some fried chicken?
KRB said...

Some totally unsolicited advice: Our chickens started layin' like a Mormon mom when we started giving them breakfast cereal in the morning. Corn Pops with whole milk seems to work best. Good luck.

Eric said...

LOL! Sorry, had to laugh about the "chicken butt" comment! LOL!

Anonymous said...