Friday, February 06, 2009

A new home for Kernel

Adios, Kernel.

The Boss Lady offered Kernel, the now crowing rooster, to a friend at work. He will get to live on at their farm. Of course, if he gets too rowdy or they get too hungry, then he will get a trip to the stew pot. But this way I don't have to be the one processing the kid's pet for dinner.

I have been quiet impressed by the size of this roo for a while. He is only half grown, but he is BIG. Kernel is less than 4 months old AND he started out as a little ball of fuzz half the size of my fist when we brought him home back in October.

It looks like we will be delivering Kernel to the farm some time this weekend. The kids have been warned all along that this might happen, and so far they have been matter of fact about the whole thing.

I am hoping to weigh Kernel before he departs. Until then, I'll let the pictures tell the story of my ginormous rooster.

Here he is next to M&M

His legs look like tree trunks compared to the other Light Brahma, Fillet

Do you know how hard it is to get a nice picture of a chicken?

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