Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snot nice to be kind to me

While at the preschool this morning, I was about two seconds too late into the sandbox to to prevent one 2 year old from biting another. The biter struck like a snake. I hardly saw him move, but there were teeth marks to prove that he had.

After the bite, I dealt with the bitten. The lead teacher handled the biter. She also got to deal with the paperwork. All I got was a shoulder covered in tears, sand and blubbery snot. No big deal. Believe my, in this line of work, I have had worse!

I tried to hand off the little girl to one of the other teachers, assuming that she would rather be with them. But she was not going to be traded away. I ended up holding her or I had her sitting in my lap for most of an hour. Also, no big deal. Her dad is also a Stay at Homer and I have known him for years.

All of that to share the funny: As I was finally able to extract myself from my newest friend, I felt something nice and slimy on my shirt so I was heading straight to the restroom to wash the snotty goo off. But a teacher from another room stopped me. "Hey Mike, you have something on you shoulder." Thinking it was just sand, she proceeded to brush it off of my shoulder and right into her bare, unsuspecting hand.

For her kindness she got a hand full of snot!

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