Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An Open Letter To My Parents

Mom and Dad:

I want you guys to be able to revel and enjoy the moment. After the crap my siblings (and to a MUCH lesser extent, myself) dished out, I know you guys deserve the laughs.

I just set a new family record. I said "No! Stop doing that!" (or some variation of "cut that crap out!") no less than 15 times in the past 4 minutes. Heck, I said it at least three times since I started this blog post.

If you guys are the type to enjoy revenge, (and I know you are), then please consider this day as payback for at least one day from my childhood. And can I take a rain check for the rest of the revenge?

1 comment:

UrbanVox said...

I feel your pain brother!
TB was at home because of the snow yesterday (schools closed).
by the end of the day my head was about to explode! :)