Saturday, November 04, 2006

Neighborhood Hiking

Thursday morning the kids and I went for a walk. We were planning to go to the "broken house" and back home. The "broken house" is a house that The Talker nicknamed because it has been under renovation for more than a year. The weather was great, so we kept walking when we got to our turn around point.

Eventually we ended up hiking along some trails that I have never had time to explore. The trails follow a creek that runs behind our neighborhood. We ended up needing to either retrace our route to get back home, or I had to find a way for us to cross the rocky creek to a trail I have hiked on the opposite bank. So we walked along the dry creek bed, over boulders and gravel beds, looking for the other trail.

Once we found the trail we walked back home from the far end of our street. The kids hiked ever step of the adventure. Good for all of us! And they napped like the dead a little later. Good for me!

Anyways, this was a pretty good warm up hike for my trip next weekend. So I am heading back down there this afternoon to hike the trails in the opposite direction. I guess if I really wanted to get ready I would wear the 25 pound backpack.


Anonymous said...

25 pound pack??? Your turning into a wimp! Pick up that boy and girl and carry them! Then your pack will feel light next week!

Rick said...

Only 25 lbs. You must not have a tent, a chair, and that cast iron skillet you promised to carry.