Monday, August 06, 2007

At least she did not turn my kids into twins...

One of my 5 year old twin nieces, I still can't tell them apart, has discovered the best part of being a princess. It isn't the dress-up. It isn't the make-up. It isn't the fancy hair or pretty plastic jewelry. Tuns out it is all in the wand.

Yep, she runs up to anyone who annoys her and waves her magic wand at them. Then she pronounces her "spell". No mistaking her desire, since she is nice enough to cast a one word spell. "Frog!"

So now everyone in the family is turning everyone else into frogs. Worked great for me in traffic yesterday, too. Feel free to use the magic if you wish. And if you don't? Frog!

By the way, my opening line was just a joke. I REALLY CAN tell the twins apart. One has red hair. The other has dark hair. Better keep you eye on that one. She will turn you into a frog.

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Ginger said...

Will any princess wand do? Or is it a special type? Do fairy godmother wands work, too?