Thursday, August 02, 2007

I can die a happy man

I stopped at PetSmart to buy kitty litter. That isn't the exciting part. Unless you are a cat. Wait for the good stuff.

The used video game/DVD/CD store is right around the corner. I stop in once in a while to look for games on the cheap. Lately I have cruised the the movie section, looking for some of my old favorites. Tonight I found the end all, be all movie of my young adult beers. Years, I meant to say my young adult years.

The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew

The wife and kids are going away for the weekend and I'll be in front of the TV all weekend. So take off you hosers.


Anonymous said...

Eh, that's like a good movie.
It eh, makes me laugh!
Have a great weekend!
Do you remember the time that we rented all the Monty Python movies at my parent's house, moved the recliners and watched them all day?
Wow, that was a wonderful day.

Ginger said...

The wife and the kids gone? Whatever will you do all weekend?

Terry said...

B#1 is really into the 80's comedies, so we have spent alot of time recently catching up on all the 80's classics... Good Times!!