Friday, August 10, 2007

Calendar madness

In the past years The Boss Lady and I have tried lots of different ways to keep ourselves and the family organized and on schedule. Paper calendars. PDAs. Heck, FranklinCovey has made a mint off of us. The problem has always been keeping our calendars in sync. Hers, mine and ours had always been a tough goal for us to achieve on the scheduling front.

Last spring I started setting us up with Google Calendar. And so far it is working pretty well. Since we can each access the calendar separately and remotely, though the wife's work IT department won't let her see it from her desk, keeping everything up to date is a lot easier.

I never thought a calendar, online or otherwise, could make me sad. But I sat down this morning and started inserting important dates from The Talker's upcoming school calendar. Then I added dates to note from The Boss Lady's school calendar. Since she does not work in The Talker's school district, the dates aren't exactly the same. Though winter, spring and summer breaks are basically the same weeks. Each school calendar gets it's own color, so we can hopefully keep the chaos to a minimum.

After I locked down most of our upcoming school year, I added in dates of note from The Princess' school calendar. Then it hit me. We have a really pretty, multi colored calendar. Also, life is about to get real dang busy around here. At least we will be organized enough to see the chaos coming when it happens.

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