Friday, August 24, 2007

Like Spider/Chicken Foot/Underwear Face Man, Like Sister

The Talker is having a friend over today. Let's just call him Yoda, since he is short and really smart. And on the heels of my posting that picture last night, which was taken several years ago, comes a gem from his sister.

The first word out of The Princess' mouth this morning, "Daddy, When Yoda gets here, I am going to put panties on my head. It will make him laugh."

She ran and grabbed the nearest pair, which happened to be in her brother's room, (you can never have panties too close by when you are just finishing up potty training, you know...) and started wearing them like a chef's hat. Of course, by the time I grabbed the camera she had decided her hat was messing up her hair. So it had already been banished from her sight. And THAT is my Princess.


Terry said...

Just what exactly are you feeding those children?? Oh wait, they take after their AtHomeDaddy...

Unknown said...

So true.

I am sure each of my children have seen me with underwear on my hear at least once.

A month.

For their entire lives.

But it is just so dang funny...