Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting out

To be real honest, I don't do much when the kids and wife are gone during the day. I know that surprises you.

Oh, I think I do an OK job of keeping the house in a reasonable condition and I am pretty sure The Boss Lady has forgotten where we keep the laundry machines, but I just end up hanging around the house most of the time. There are a few reasons for this. The main reasons I hang out at home are guilt and cash.

I don't want to be out spending cash, so I stay home. And I feel bad that I have free time to do stuff that the wife and kids don't, so I stay home.

Cubicle Dad has been blogging about his efforts to prepare for the October 2010 Chicago Marathon. I have kept up with his posts via Twitter, Facebook and his blog, but still I have stayed home. And as I watch the progress in Chicago, I sit here, weighing more than I have in my entire life and feeling a lot worse. It took me a while, but I have finally realized that sitting on the couch, watching TV is not doing me any favors.

Today I tried something new. I got out and got moving. I went for a hike in the park. The trails are nice and the place is quiet and serene on weekday mornings. I was hoping to walk 5 miles this morning. Turns out when you sit on the couch for half a year, 5 miles is a lot to try on the first outing but I did manage almost 3 miles this morning and I scored a new geocache find along the way. I hauled my hand held GPS with me to hunt the geocache, but I think I'll take it with me for the rest of the week to see how far I can go.

The kids won't be getting off of the bus for 90 minutes, so I am going to see if I can finish my 5 miles before then. I am taking the GPS with me, to keep myself honest.

It is only Monday and I have exercised more this week than I have in a year. My goal for the rest of the week - walking a total of 20 miles by Friday night. We will see if I can haul my fat butt off of the couch tomorrow.

Photographic Addendum - 2:45pm

A photo of the screen on my hand held GPS unit.

I walked the last mile with a 65+ year old neighbor.
That slowed my Moving Average down a little, but made the
earlier, quicker 4 miles seem a little boring, too.


boss lady said...

You can do it! CBH!

Anonymous said...

When I was an involuntary "SAHH" (I wasn't a dad then), the cash thing was my biggest issue. I mean, here you have all the time in the world to do things...but no money with which to do them.
A dreadful situation!

Anonymous said...

Go Mike go! I think it's fantastic you are getting out and moving!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hi Mike! Dan told me about your new motivation and you are getting moving! GOOD FOR YOU - seriously, just something as simple as a brisk walk 30 min /day will help - GOOD! KEEP it up and be patient and set up small goals along the way!!!

Unknown said...

Hey! I am 6 months into my new career as a stay at home dad...I am like you...most of the time I just kick it around the house while the kids are at school...Although I do take out time to exercise on a day to day basis. Anyway know where you've been brother and congrats on motivation. I guess that is why I want to start a website that connects stay at home dads in geographical areas. Support from others in the same boat can only help. Keep up the good work.