Saturday, January 09, 2010

Recent wrap-up

The family is doing great and life is good, if not a little too cold. It hasn't gotten above 45 in a few days. (No offense, FoF.)

The Talker started a new basketball season at our local YMCA this morning. He knew several of his teammates from previous basketball and soccer seasons. Even though the basketball may not be pro quality, the boy plays hard and wears himself out during the game. I would have some pictures and videos to post, but I forgot my new cell phone (more about that later) at the house, so there is no photographic evidence that any basketball actually occurred today.

The Princess is turning into a jewelry diva. The Mother of the Bride bought her a gift card to Claire's and The Boss Lady went with her to buy a dozen pair of new earrings today. Now that the girl can change them herself, we seem to be losing a few more earrings than in the past. While the girls shopped for jewelry and clothes, The Talker and I hit up all of the sports, video game and toy stores. Made for a good outing for us all.

The Boss Lady still ♥'s her new job. And we all love the 8AM-4:30PM hours. I don't think we have ever eaten dinner at home as frequently as we now do.

This week the wife and I upgraded our cell phones. I am finally moving away from the 1990's style flip phones (No offense, FoF.) that I have carried for about 6 years. But it has come at a cost.

When I bought my new phone online I thought (are there two more dangerous words?) that I had activated a web access data plan. Turns out I hadn't - AND the charges for data access add up rather quickly. Luckily, I realized my error after only a few days. Sprint customer service was super cool and let me add the unlimited data access plan retroactively, which erased about $50 worth of data charges and kept my wife from kicking me right in the phone holder. The end result, I am a mobile, twittering, facebooking, texting, Googling, paperless geocaching fool.

And because I want to give my public what it wants, I bring you a chicken update: The girls are cooooooold at night, even with a heat lap glowing in the coop. But they are still laying very well. In fact, today we got 4 eggs from the 3 hens! Gold Diamond, The Princess' hen laid an egg in the shed today and another in the outdoor coop. It is a rare occurrence, sort of like laying a double yolk egg, but young hens can sometimes lay twice in one day. And for the record, we got a double yolk egg from Roadrunner, The Talker's hen about a week ago. I thought I had blogged about it, but must have only posted the pics on Facebook.

You can see the size difference between the double yolk egg (on the right) and a normal sized (and muddy) egg that we get from Roadrunner.

The double yolk was the guest of honor at breakfast.

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