Monday, January 04, 2010

Here comes another year

I was just taking a glance back at the blog. I realize that I haven't posted as much lately, but sometimes I just gots nothing to say. Anyone who knows me will tell you that is never true. But I seem to know a lot of liars :)

Anyways, on to the Christmas update:

The Princess has been begging me to build a dollhouse for two years.
I didn't build it, but I did assemble the "Barbie Mansion."

The Talker wasn't too sure that there really was an iPod hidden in the bag of M&Ms.
And he wanted to know where the rest to the displaced M&Ms had gone.

Santa's belly, where else?

And because you knew I could not do a post without it,
a gratuitous egg picture. My hens are laying like crazy, making up for lost time I guess.

This is only 3 days worth of their eggs.

Other than all of this fun and egg-citement, we had a low key Christmas break. A couple of quick trips to Dallas and Ft Worth kept us on the road a little bit, but mainly the kids have played at home as much as they like.

A side note and some foreshadowing of the next topic to be beaten like an egg salad: You see what I did there? Planning is now underway for the Spring Break Backpacking trip 2.0. I am starting to decide where The Talker and I will venture next. Since last year's trip was a wet mess, we might venture back to the Sam Houston National Forest.


Mike said...

AV104: Shut up, spammer!

fidget said...

doooood, our hens are stingy with the eggs lately. The days are short and reedunkqulously cold.