Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walking update

I have been blogging about my walking progress over on another site, AtHomeDaddyGPS, a blog I use to keep up with my geocaching adventures. But I figured I should post up over here once in a while, too.

As of today I have walked more than 60 miles since starting up on Jan 11. Also today I crossed a new thresh hold and I was able to jog half of my 5 mile route. When I started out I wasn't going to jog, I was trying to take it easy on my knees. This week I started jogging as I feel able to and so far I have not been any more sore than after a hard walk.

I still haven't seen much difference on the scale, maybe 5 pounds lost, but I am certainly noticing a difference in my endurance and distance. The first week I struggled to walk 20 miles total. Today I have traveled more than 5 miles and may go out again and knock out an easy mile or two before the kids get home.

When I set out this morning I did not have a specific goal in mind, but after a couple of miles on the trail I realized that if I kept up the effort, I could finish up a 5 mile trip in under an hour. A trip that originally took me more than 90 minutes.

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