Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celebrating with a pissed off Pizza Guy

I passed my first certification test to become a certified Special Education teacher! The Boss Lady decided that we would go out to celebrate - without the kids.

A little back story -We don't really use babysitters. When the kids were little, we just didn't do it. Besides, all of our friends had little kids too, so we would occasionally swap childcare with one of them, but we have only had a paid, teen babysitter one or two times.

Anyways, The Boss made a deal with the parents of The Little Dude. When they came over to pick him up, they would stay with our crew and hang out while we went to dinner and maybe did a little shopping for The Princess' birthday. Since we were swapping babysitting, the teens were not getting paid, but we did arrange to have pizza delivered for the whole herd. The teens and children were all happy and settled in when The Boss Lady and I left for dinner.

A few minutes later the babysitter called and said that there was a hissy-fit in progress. Not one of our kids, though, Pizza Guy was pissed because he didn't want to take the check we left for him. He talked to The Boss for a few seconds while she was trying to figure out a solution, then he slammed our phone at the sitter and he stormed off mid-sentence.

Unluckily for Pizza Guy, we were right beside the delivery store when this was happening. So we pulled in and chatted with the manager. The manager assured us that the pizza would be free and the check would not be cashed. Just then Pizza Guy pulled up and went into the office for a butt-chewing from the manager.

I asked to get our check back as Pizza Guy left the restaurant, with our check in his hand! The manager was sending him back to our house to apologize. The Boss and I assured the store manager that the returned check and free food was apology enough, but we really did not Pizza Guy heading back to our house. We took the check after handshakes all around, and we headed to a nice dinner.

After all of that excitement we could not find anywhere "fancy" that sounded good. So we headed to Torchy's Tacos and ate outside for less than the cost of two pizzas. Of course there is a HUGE upside to going there. They serve Dublin Dr Pepper on tap!

Free pizza and Dublin Dr Pepper. A pretty good way to celebrate!


The Father of Five said...
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The Father of Five said...

(whoops! Forgot to run a spell check!)

Cooler heads prevail!

Very few "disagreements" can not be worked out amicably one way or another - for someone to get so upset over pizza payment indicates (to me) other underlying issues.

You did the RIGHT THING by not having him return to "apologize"...

Hope the REST of the evening went well!

Grace said...

Congratulations on passing this first hurdle!

Chris @ CleverFather said...

Congrats dude!

Good to see it all worked out easily, and free pizza to boot!