Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You remember the house

the one where all the neighborhood kids naturally always seemed to congregate? My Mom and Dad's house was like that. There was always an endless stream of kids coming and going. And yeah. I always hoped The Boss Lady and I would have that house. And it turns out, we do.

This afternoon I was hanging out with The Little Dude while The Princess and Talker were playing with the neighbors. The Boss Lady pulled up right then and she brought a couple more kids along, so that their mom could run some errands. All together we had our two, plus 3 extras. Combine that with another neighbor who had her two, plus one extra and we had quiet a crowd!

Today the weather was perfect, so all the herd played outside. In fact, I was one step ahead of everybody and the crowd ended up playing at the neighbor's! Which means no mess to clean up here. Well, except for the fact that I started assuming the herd would migrate to our house for dinner, so I cooked a ton. The kids all got sorted back out to their own homes before the dinner bell rang, so now I have a mess of leftovers to clean up. Good thing I like chicken nuggets.


Anonymous said...

My house was NOT that house growing up, but I've always hoped "mine" would be; and so does CareerMom. It's cool that you guys are the "go to family."

It'll make good memories for your kids.

NOw, if you could just get donations for juice and snacks...

Mec said...

I'm going to be dangerously close to your city this weekend!

Mike said...


I'll have some $ for bail and the phone number for 911 handy, just in case.

Have fun girls!