Monday, March 08, 2010

Pushing towards the test

Next week is Spring Break and I was planning to take the boy backpacking for a few days, but he has decided that he does not want to go. Normally I would force the issue and we would just go camping, but this year I am a little preoccupied with this test.

I have 16 days to prepare for my Special Education teacher's proficiency exam. Between loads of review books, lots of info that the wife dug up for me and some help from a neighbor who just took this test last year, I am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with the information. Then I'll be trying to learn everything that The Boss Lady can teach me about public education for the 9 days she is supposed to be getting a break from teaching and public education.

After I get past this test I can start preparing to look for a job. Then, there is at least one more exam, a bunch of hours visiting a public school classroom and a and a lot of online and in class coursework to get through this Spring.

After all that, it is simple. I just sit back and collect paychecks. Or something like that. I haven't really gotten that far into my ready yet.

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