Monday, March 08, 2010

Scenes from AtHomeLand – Or not.

Here are some recent pictures having NOTHING to do with education proficiency exams.

Well, I was working on a picture post, mainly to do something NOT involving reading about education. Turns out my brain is fried, because I just formatted the disc that the pictures were on. BEFORE I moved them to the computer’s hard drive. Smooth move, AtHomeDaddy!

There were some awesome shots in there, too. I was especially fond of some The Boss Lady took at our Kickball skills clinic last weekend. She wanted to title one of them “Our Daughter was the One in Pink”. Which would have been REALLY hilarious if you could see the sea of pink in that picture of 100 kindergarten aged girls practicing for the Kickball season.

Now I am thinking I should take a proficiency exam in how to use my new computer.

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