Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On to the next adventure

AtHomeDaddy is about to re-enter the workforce!

I have thought about getting my teacher’s certification for years. It is one of the many things that I SHOULD have done in college. As opposed to that even longer list of things that I should NOT have done. But some of those were really, really fun, mom!

Before I started college I planned to be a high school Special Education teacher. Partially because I knew it would be a good fit for me and partially because I had a huge crush on the woman who taught the Special Education classes at my high school. I found the Therapeutic Recreation program in college and realized that I could do a lot the same things, working with the same kids AND I could do it while wearing shorts at a recreation center. So I went that way.

The reality now is that I could still jump back into the recreation center gig. But the hours are not great if I want to see the family and the pay is about 75% of what I can make as a Special Education Teacher with hours that are much closer to the kid’s hours at school. If I am heading back into the working world then The Boss Lady and I realize that it is going to be important to minimize the effect on the kids. Therefore, classroom teaching wins out.

This morning I electronically submitted a check to the Texas Teacher’s Alternative Certification program.And as quick as the payment could be processed, in something like 6 seconds, I found myself staring at a computer screen that lined out exactly what classes I need to finish before I can start looking for a teaching job. And it turns out that there is not a ton of stuff to be done. Of course, my perspective on that may change as I get deeper into the program.

I have about 15 classes to take, between a half-dozen all-day Saturday and weeknight sessions and about that many online classes. I knocked out the first of the online classes, Introduction to Special Education, this morning. I had a great surprise when I logged into the system to begin the class. One of my old friends from pre-AtHomeDaddy days, who is an amazing Special Education teacher and administrator (and all around nice guy) leads the online curriculum. When I heard his voice I knew immediately who it was even though I haven’t seen him in several years.

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VERY exciting!

Keep us up to date on the progress!