Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At least my dog appreciates me!

So it is "Teacher Appreciation Week" at The Princess' pre-school. The parents are shelling out a few more bucks a piece to buy the teachers some lunches, snacks and little goodies throughout the week. Being both a parent and a teacher, I am in the position to both pay for the treats AND to get to share in the goodness of snack time at work.

One of the classes brought me a gift of homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on Monday. I ate one on the way home, even though I told The Princess that she couldn't have one in the car since I didn't want melted chocolate on my tan seats.

Anyways it is a good thing I snacked in the car. After school I gave the kids a few each. And they might have enjoyed a few more after dinner. But I wasn't there to say for sure.

I WAS there when The Big White Dog decided to make a midnight snack out of the leftovers, though. ButtHeadDog only left two or 3 slobbery cookies as he ran through the kitchen and devoured MY cookies.

Yep, chocolate is bad for dogs.
Luckily he didn't eat much and he is a big dog. So it would take a lot to make him sick. But if he eats my cookies again I might put a hurtin' on him!

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