Sunday, April 06, 2008

I can see a little perspective from this point of view

The Talker is having ear tubes put in on Wednesday. Sorely needed, but when the hospital wants to chat you up about all of the things that could happen in the surgery room, it still gives parents pause.

I know the reality is that thousands, millions, however many kiddos have tubes every year. And the most serious problems seldom happen. It was nice to cruise through the hospital's pre-surgery tour for kids this afternoon. We took the same tour a few years ago and nothing too dramatic happened on our part. Heck, the boy was almost giddy to see the operating room.

It is hard to get too worried about it, knowing that the surgery takes 15-30 minutes. Still. It is my boy. But I think I am done worrying about those 15 minutes he will be out. After all, he will be back at school 18 hours later.

The only other kid who was on the tour is having a 4-6 hour open heart surgery on Thursday. 4-6 hours! Working on her heart! Then goodness knows how long of a recovery after that.

Other than her first name, we don't know this girl or her family. Still, I think I'll spend my time worrying about her for the next few days.


The Father of Five said...

The weirdest thing for me when our #2 of 5 went in for a hernia surgery was the moment he "went out". They let us be in the room with the anesthesiologist, and hold him while they put him under.

He went from a little boy, to a limp noodle... It was very eerie..

I guess I'd prepare yourself for that "image" (of your child going "limp") - it has still stuck with me almost 10 years later.

I'll be sure to keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers this week!

Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

I know. My boys drive me up a wall sometimes, but then, like this morning, when I hear about some parent hurting their children, I realize that what I go through with my kids is usually pretty darn petty. Before I had kids, those kinds of stories rolled off my back like water off a duck's back. It's interesting how your perspective changes.