Thursday, April 24, 2008

'Tis the Season

For kindergarten birthday parties. This week I think I have either replied to or flat out ignored 5 birthday party invites. Yep, if I don't know the kid, we ignore 'em. Bad form, yes. Too bad. So sad.

The boy went to a birthday party last Sunday, The Princess went to one last Tuesday morning. I got rooked into both. We will all attend a birthday party this Saturday, at the cost of missing a simultaneous party on the other side of town.

The kids had only been invited to neighborhood birthday parties before the school year started. Now, it is a weekly routine. Still, we skip more than we attend. And by the end of the school year I expect a dozen more invites to come our way.

By the way, either Evite or invite by mail/card left in the school bag. Don't do both. And for goodness' sake, don't do all three! The Boss Lady and I are hanging on my a thread here. Multiple invitations to the same party can cause our delicately prepared Google Calendar setup to have a spasm and freak out.

Anyways. I am ready for the summer to start. Swimming, picnics and no surprise birthday invitations found in the bottom of school bags for two whole months!

By the way, I am throwing myself a birthday party on July 13th. Under the new picnic pavillion at our neighborhood park. Show up or don't. Call for directions or don't. Consider yourself invited.

Or don't.


Anonymous said...

Nothing punctuates spring like a passel of birthday parties. I don't think it's bad form to "not" go to a party. With like 19 kids in my son's class, if we tried to do them all, it'd be crazinesss; and then, what happens when you have two kids doing it?

I know a parent wants to do it all for their kids, but sometimes you gotta just say, "enough!"

Terry said...

will there be Dublin Dr Pepper at said party in July????