Sunday, April 20, 2008

Backseat Theology (from the other side of the car)

A follow up to this post...

The Talker got a pair of plastic vampire teeth at a birthday party this afternoon. And they reminded me of a comment he made a couple of weeks ago, as we were sitting in on a Communion Service at church.

"But dad, if we drink Jesus' blood, won't we be vampires?

Don't worry son, it's only grape juice. And vampires don't like grape juice"


Anonymous said...

Plastic vamp teeth huh? That might trump the superhero costumes on the "most annoying things ever!" list.

AMR said...

That's darn funny. I'll share that w/ my Catholic wife. We're raising them both Catholic though I myself am not. I figure her faith must have had something to do w/ her success -- why reinvent the wheel? :)