Saturday, April 19, 2008

Worst camp camp site, EVER.

But what it lacked in scenic beauty, it made up for in noise and all night partying.

Not normally my type of spot to spend a weekend night, the AtHomeFam spent the night on a Jr High School football field, supporting The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. The kids had a ball - and they slept pretty well, too. The wife had a blast and didn't sleep at all. The Daddy? I slept some and had a ton of fun, too.

Of course, it WAS a much more suitable event for you guys with winter camping experience. I came home in the evening and grabbed every blanket in our house, since it dipped into the high 40's last night. Only 15 degrees colder and we literally could have frozen.

The Boss Lady's team raised over $2000, with something like $350 coming from loose change donated by the kids at her school. Good stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Grand total in donations = $2,671.15 with a whopping $658 in donations from the students!