Saturday, April 19, 2008

My own never ending weekend...

Our weekend started Friday afternoon, on a dinner visit to see mom at the Relay for Life. Then the kids wanted to stay over night. And I really, really wanted too, also. Really. OK, not really. But I had a headache and being home alone with the kids all evening didn't sound much better.

This morning we got home at 7:30 and I grabbed a quick nap before The Talker and I headed out to his soccer game. The Boss Lady and MiniHer stayed home to nap.

Since the soccer game, the boy and I have been resting up in front of the TV and PS2. He has a Pinewood Derby at with his Bible Club at church, tonight. We built the racer last weekend, so waiting all week has been tough on the boy AND the car. I know mom has worked on the car once and I have repaired it at least twice this week.

Tomorrow I am supposed to teach my Sunday School class for the third week in a row. (I usually alternate weeks with a few other people.) And the quality of the learning will probably show, since I have to cram in study for that between the end of the races and the start of class at 10:30 in the morning. Plus, I really want some sleep then, too.

Sunday afternoon, after we stop by a neighbor baby's Christening Party, The Talker and I are heading out to a birthday party at a Lazer Tag place. No way I'll be able to convince him to go to Bible Club with mom instead.

So after a lot of walking, a little sleep, a little soccer, some racing cars, a muddle through theology and some Lazer stun-gunning, this weekend will eventually come to an end. But not soon enough to get any real sleep.

Which wouldn't be so bad if next weekend were not looking just as busy.

Thank goodness we skipped out on the neighborhood-wide garage sale today. 'Cause my junk is too tired to sell.

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