Saturday, April 19, 2008

Military Secrets Revealed

Tonight your tax dollars were hard at work.

The Talker decided against building a sleek and speedy racer for our Pinewood Derby at Church. Instead he built Army Tractor #6. But like all military secrets, this was on a strictly need to know basis.

No one outside of the immediate design company saw AT#6 until weigh in. Which we nailed, at a perfect 5.00 ounces. In this photo you can see the Pilot, Co-pilot and Navigator.

Weigh in was our last successful battle at the races. Evidently this military contracting company needs to work on the final wheel and axle assembly. But that is for next year.

Tonight we mainly battled tears and disappointment since Army Tractor #6 was beaten up pretty badly by some very nice daddy-built racers and some that looked like the kids had actually helped.

For the record, The Talker did most of the work on his car! Design, sanding, gluing of the rear tail fin and adding the staff members were all his handy work. I helped with cutting on the bandsaw, striping and painting (since we decided to use spray paint), and any other assistance that was requested.

The night has a successful ending though, when we brought AT#6 to our backyard proving ground, the playscape slide, and we watched it catch some air on it's maiden flight. That's right, The Talker designed and built a FLYING AT#6! Let's see those daddy design firms do that.

Until the footage of the flying
Army Tractor #6 is declassified, I'll leave you with a short video of race night. In this video, AT#6 was in the red lane.

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