Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hey Boss Lady,

Where do we keep the Worker's Comp forms?

OK, I know some Stay at Home Dads bristle at the images of the buffoon dads that are portrayed on TV and especially in commercials. Though I couldn't really care less what some advertising company thinks of our family structure...

Of course, there are some days when the biggest buffoon of all is right in this very house. Heck, even Mr. Mom didn't almost cut off a few fingers in the dishwasher, like someone here did this afternoon.

Luckily, I think it is nothing a few band-aids can't hold together...

Always know where your pizza cutter is,
when you are unloading the clean dishes, OK?

So about the blood. You think that stuff will stain the insides of the dishwasher? Maybe I should run a second rinse cycle with this next load.


Anonymous said...

I think the blood will come out. I mean, if dried mashed potatoes will come off, blood should.

And this is the reason I have "learned" to turn my large chef's knives sharp side down when I put them in the top of the dishwasher.
I, all too often, just reach and grab when I'm unloading.

In the not-so-famous words of Jerry Clower, I think you should put some "alkeeeehawl on it"!

Terry said...

Okay, I am not going to imitate you this time..One matching scar is enough!!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

One of the hazzards of the homemaker!!! And no worker's comp. or disability. I think that should change.
Mama Bear