Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RacecarDaddy, Part 7 and Done!

This morning I went online and paid my fine from my speeding ticket.

I am feeling justified, since it took 82 days from the date of my heinous offense for the city to get any money out of The Boss Lady. I could have waited one more week to pay, but I did not want to forget. Especially since I HAD FORGOTTEN and The Boss Lady reminded me about it just this morning.

The city is notorious for adding outrageous service fees to online or credit card transactions. It seems like every department tacks on additional fees for services that SPEED UP their cash collection and reduce their payroll a little bit more. So I originally went online only to double check where I had to go to pay with a check.

I was hoping to find a little blog fodder to complain about so I decided to see what type of fees they would tack on if I paid from the computer, while sitting in my pajamas. Nice surprise, no additional fees! Score one for common sense.

In the end, the city got my $102 electronically and I am a scofflaw no more.

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until the next time.... that is!!