Thursday, August 09, 2007

Here's a good DON'T for you

Don't swat a gnat away from your face while you are picking cayenne peppers in the garden.

If you do, you just might hit yourself in the eye with pepper juice on your fingers. And if you did poke yourself in the eye, while coated with cayenne pepper juice, be prepared. 'Cause it is going to burn like heck for hours.

And in other garden news, we picked our last cucumber this morning and then we pulled the vines out of the ground. We are shortly going to plant some fall veggies. I can still pick about a pound of green beans every day, though the vines are starting to give in to the heat. Hopefully we can keep ourselves in fresh green beans until later in the fall. since the rain has gone away and we started back on watering the garden this morning. I don't think I had to water at all in July or this far into August.

But now I gotta go wash my eyeball some more...


Anonymous said...

I just read today that Texas has had the "wettest summer ever." Interesting. Hope your eye feels better, Mike. I've done things like that.

Anonymous said...

"If you give a mouse a pepper, he's going to ask to squeeze it you eye."

That's more appealing than the version I read nightly.


Anonymous said...

The sad part is: I thought I just read a part of my life story on your blog.

Terry said...

I recently squirted pepperoncini pepper juice into a friends eye.. She has not spoken to me since... Hmmmm??