Monday, August 20, 2007

Saying goodbye to summer

Once in a while my Jedi mind control powers kick into overdrive and I am able to keep the kids involved in an activity for more than 3.2 light-seconds. This morning over breakfast the kids and I were talking about how crazy life will be starting next Monday. And the talk seems to have stuck. For at least two hours.

By this time next Monday, The Boss Lady will be off to her school to do all the Principally things that a new school year requires, and The Talker will be off to his first day of kindergarten. Which also happens to be one of the first times in his life he will have to wake up before 7:30 am. And incidentally, it will be the earliest I will have to get up since I accidentally registered for a 7am Human Anatomy Lab class when I was a Junior in college...

The Princess and I will be heading straight from the first day drop off at The Talker's school, to her own school. She will hang out with the other staff member's kids most of the week, while I attend staff training sessions in the morning. Her real classes don't start until after Labor Day.

Anyways, we talked about the fact that this is the last week of summer and we need to have lots of fun before all of these schools start. After all, they won't have all day to play and terrorize each other, so they better get a lot of that stuff done in short order.

Since we left the breakfast table, The Princess and The Talker have been playing in the splash pools. I got the backyard mowed and I worked out in the remnants of our veggie garden. With this round of green beans, I think the season is officially over...

It sure is nice and easy to have these guys happily playing together. And whatever caused this love-fest, I just hope it doesn't end before summer does.


Ginger said...

It's just the beginning, Mike. Eventually, they just want to play all the time and require very little intervention by you. (If you're lucky like I am, that is.)

Anonymous said...

Are you having the Talker "practice" waking up early this week? Oh...I highly recommend dry runs this week so next week he'll be in the groove.

Mike said...

Grace, good call.

We all started waking to an alarm clock at the start of the month, something neither kid has ever done. Our big problem is going to be getting it all together on a real school morning.

Fed, dressed, teeth brushed, hair done and out the door in HOW MANY minutes???

Darren said...

Good luck to the Talker in Kindergarten. If you're like me, you'll get the kids ready and some days you yourself will look about as good as you did for that 7 am class.

And what's with a 7 am class anyway? The only time in college I did anything involving "human anatomy" at 7 am, I was still up from the night before.

Mike said...


Short answer: (And possibly the truth...) I think I must have been drunk when I registered for that lab class.

Long answer: I don't remember WHY, just that it seemed like a good idea at the time, since we were all spending at least one all-nighter in the lab anyways.

For the record, I took my 'B-' and ran away from that building, never to return.