Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eggs for sale, (way too) cheap!

This morning, while the neighbors were having a garage sale, I took the 4 baby chicks out to play in the front yard. I was just hanging out, chatting from my side of the street with the neighbors while I was watching the birds to make sure no hawks, snakes, falcons, dog, cats, turtles, PETA members or organic chefs caused them any harm.

The birds were going nuts and having a great time when a garage sale customer pulled up and started heading up my driveway. As he was heading this way, he yelled out "Hey, you got any eggs to sell?" I knew we had a dozen and a half in the 'fridge, but I never have sold any eggs. I just give them to our friends and neighbors. So I hesitated and responded with some epic response like "Uh, I don't think so."

While we chatted for a couple of minutes I learned that he lives in one of the original ranch houses nearby. This neighborhood used to be divided into a couple of goat ranches and this man and his wife sold off some of the last of the property for neighborhood development. He told me that he kept ducks and chickens in his yard until a few years ago. He seemed genuinely thrilled that one of the "newcomers" to the neighborhood was raising chickens in the front yard.

After I learned a lot more about my neighborhood from the old guy, he headed over to the garage sale. I ran inside and grabbed a dozen eggs to send with my new, old neighbor. He was not going to be dissuaded from paying for the eggs so he gave me a couple of bucks.

As he walked back to his truck he was laughing out loud while he told me "I think I'll go home and tell my wife that since she won't let me keep chickens, I had to buy eggs at A GARAGE SALE. Then she won't want to eat any of them!

I think my new egg-customer is my kind of guy!

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