Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Mystery is still alive

I have blogged before about my love of Hot Wheels Mystery Cars. Over the years I have bought all of them I have ever found, but that total is still less than a dozen. Tonight I hit a double. TWO mystery cars were on the rack at Target AND the How Wheels were on sale for $.79 each!

I could have been a conscientious shopper and left one surprise car for some kid to discover. But I didn't. C'mon, you knew that wasn't going to happen.

The Prototype H-24 in red and the Nissan 350Z in purple with green stripe wheels.

The curious part of this mini-obsession is that I have never really collected Hot Wheels. I had a bunch of them when I was a kid, but they were played with and destroyed frequently. So I don't have any survivors to give to The Talker.

At least with the Mystery Cars, after I open them and give them to the boy, I am adding a few of my own cars to his Hot Wheels Collection.


The Father of Five said...

As a kid, I had 6-8, maybe 10 HotWheels... The ones I had, I picked specifically because I thought they were cool.

The one that (to this day) I can still remember is a 197x Ford Maverick... It was blue, with some graphics...

#1 was into Matchbox - so I bought a few over the years to play with - with him...

#2 and #3 never really got into Matchbox cars... So I sort of miss that.

I do love peeking through them when we are in the toy departments!

I'm drawn more to the "Classic American Muscle" style cars... Like THIS 2010 Mystery Matchbox car!

The Father of Five said...

Whoops... Bad link..

Try THIS ONE instead.

The Father of Five said...


I found my all time favorite car.. This one was Hot Wheels (not Matchbox)... It's a 1975 "Flying Colors" "Mighty Maverick" - According to South Texas Diecast Collectors - it can be worth between $80.00 and $150.00 ??


My childhood buddies used to LAUGH at me for that car.. After all, it's only a Maverick!!

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane AtHomeDaddy!!

The Father of Five said...


I am going to dream about racing Hot Wheels cars down our driveway like we did when we were kids!

I'm done done (now that you think I'm a lunatic!)

Mike said...

What I didn't get into in the blog post is the WAY that my Hot Wheels met their ends. One summer the neighbor kids and I set up a junkyard in the backyard. Every single car we could get our hands on met the SMASHER, a 5 pound sledge hammer with a broken handle.

We must have killed hundreds of cool cars that summer. I bet there are still smashed chassis in the creek behind the old house.

The Father of Five said...


I have to admit the same destructive fate met a few of my cars too.. Not all of them mind you (and especially not the Mighty Maverick)..

Not to mention a few Star Wars figures who... (bushing even more) got heated nails poked into them for "damage effect" (looked like bullet holes)...

(bowing my head in embarrassing shame)

My Dad still teases me about the fate of a few of my childhood toys... I think he even may still have a slightly melted Star Wars "Walrus Man" on his workbench...