Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Day Success

With both kids going to day camps yesterday, for the first time ever, our day was a little chaotic. The Talker was at an all day sports camp. He swam, played soccer and built forts in the woods with his new buddies. The Princess is going to a half day dance camp across town from The Talker’s camp. She hasn’t really said WHAT they did there, but I know she was worn out since she napped in the car on the ride home.

We all drove out to drop off The Talker. After we ran a few errands and watched a little World Cup, the remaining three of us left for a Doctor’s appointment and Dance Camp. After we fed the girl at Burger King and dropped her at the high school gym with about 1000 other grade-school girls, The Boss Lady and I ran away for a nice lunch out on the lake. Excepting the fact that my food tasted awful and the glare off the water was giving me a headache, we had a grand time!

A few hours after lunch we headed different directions. I had to pick up the boy 20 minutes away and The Boss Lady had to drive the other direction to get the girl , 45 minutes away. Oh the things we will do so that a 6 year old can hang out with her 16 year old cousin!

Today promises more of the same fun (except for the lunch out, since The Boss is at work today). The Boss dropped off the boy a few hours ago and The Princess and I are heading to dance camp in another hour. But today should prove a little less chaotic. I am loading up my study materials and I’ll just hang out at the library near Dance Camp while I study.


Anonymous said...

Just...sounds like a lotta work!
We had MLI in swim team and he had daily practice at 9 a.m., which just bricked the schedule for everything else. Luckily, that's done now. I don't know how you keep up.

Mike Casey said...

It's a never ending series of errands isn't it? Most of them pretty fun though. We're working on the idea of "fair" at my house. You can imagine the kids love that. thanks for thepost