Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Summer of Mike is Rolling On

A while back The Boss Lady declared that this would be The Summer of Mike. In a month and a half I turn 40, so I guess she is letting me have one last blast of fun before the "old" sets in.

And so far The Summer of Mike has gone without a hitch. The kids and I have been hanging around like bananas and having a lot of fun. The Boss Lady works 4 day weeks during the summer break, so we have actually hung out as a family a little bit, too.

An aside: When I was 17 I first heard the music of the Cowboy Junkies. They had one video in rotation on MTV and I was hooked. I even named my first cat after the lead singer, Margo. Now closing in on a quarter century later and I still grab every disc that the Junkies release, though the last two or three have been digital downloads.

However, after all of these years I have finally given up on ever seeing the Cowboy Junkies live. I knew they would be in town in June, but the venue is small and the tickets are pretty pricey. I did mention it to the wife a few months back, but she didn't seem too interested, so I dropped that conversation pretty quickly and with a minimal amount of whining.

Evidently The Boss Lady did not really share my sense of despair about the Junkies. Turns out, she bought the tickets back then and thanks to a babysitter sort of spilling the beans, I just my Father's Day gift a few days early :)

For the record, the babysitter didn't really do any damage. She told me she would be at the house to watch the kids on Friday night and I had no clue what she was talking about. The Babysitter said that she was scheduled to watch the kids while the wife and I attended some wedding. I still had no clue, but it didn't sound like anything I really needed to worry about, so I promptly forgot the conversation until looking at the family calendar tonight.

The wife and kids are trying to fit in a trip to see The Mother of the Bride. So they will be out of town next weekend, on Father's Day but The Boss Lady has assured me that she will be back in plenty of time to go to the concert with me.

The Boss Lady and kids have rocked the Fathers' Day gifts for years. There was the see-saw for the backyard about 5 years ago. There was the clothesline last year. (And the GPS unit for the California road-trip.) But a night out without kids? Going to see the Cowboy Junkies? Yessiree, we have a winner!

Thank you Easter Bunny. Bwak Bwak! Boss Lady.


The Father of Five said...


Sounds like it's going to be a great time!

We (the Mother of Five and I) went to our first "stadium / arena" concert together EVER last winter..

I had not been to a "stadium / arena" concert since The Cure was in town in 1989...

Sounds like after a GREAT run at being a SAHD - it is a well deserved "Summer of Mike"!

Forty huh? Have you filled out your AARP application yet there ol' timer??

boss lady (easter bunny) said...

David, it's not a stadium concert, it's a quiet, intimate arena where we will rock and roll!!!! Can't wait until Friday night!

Anonymous said...

HA! Only me, my mom and now you, get that "Thanks Easter Bunny..." thing!