Friday, June 18, 2010

Lazy Summer Evenings

As busy as our week has been, with both kids in camps on opposite sides of town, we managed to find a little time to hang out in the backyard. That always makes for a good evening.

Kodak watching the newest part of his flock

The Princess with one of the Buff Brahma pullets.

Atom ball!

The result of dad climbing into the Atom Ball

The Talker holding a month old Buff Orpington pullet.

And "What is the Atom Ball" you might ask? Maybe a couple of videos will help explain.

1 comment:

The Father of Five said...

WOW! I had not seen this post yet (dang uber busy schedule)...

Atom ball looks AWESOME!!

I love the head and feet poking out the top and bottom by that big kid in the red shirt and blue jeans!!

One thought came to mind though... Makes me think that the Atom Ball could give new meaning to the term "Dutch Oven" after a trip to White Castle or Torcy's Taco (with extra onion!)

Great Fun!!