Wednesday, May 07, 2008

$1.08 movie reviews

We rent all of our movies out of one of those automated boxes at the grocery store for a buck plus tax a night. Thus, the $1.08 movie reviews.

Juno - We watched it last night. It rules! Teen pregnancy, smart-ass kids and a Toyota minivan. What else can you need in a movie? An awesome soundtrack? Check. This movie has that, too. We will be adding it to the DVD collection.

The 40 Year Old Virgin - F Bombs a plenty, hot grandma and a bloody nose during THE deed. A work of modern poetry. Also soon to be added to our collection.

I am Legend - Will Smith, his dog and his cigar are always supposed to survive these movies, a la, Independence Day. But I guess the formula was tired. A cool flick but the creepy things kept me up for two nights after we watched I am Legend. It will NOT be joining our collection.

Superbad - OK, if The 40 Year Old Virgin made you blush with the bad language, stay away from this one. But if you like shooting Dr Pepper out of your nose, then rent away. Teen drinking, teen sex and a few weeks 'til graduation. Sounds like fun, right? This one has already entered our collection.

So there you have it. Not much info, but I did give you the links to IMDb. What else did you expect for $1.08?


Anonymous said...

Still haven't seen "I am Legend" but adding it to my Netflix account NOW!

Superbad...WOW! I think that's one of those movies that you have to watch at least twice. The first time you watch it, you're too shell-shocked at the language coming out of the kids' mouths to really focus on the humor (like American Pie and Road Trip), but then by the second go-round, you know what to expect and can dismiss the vulgarity.

But I'm assuming by "your collection" you mean, the one in your bedroom way up high where the kids can't reach it? HA HA!

The Father of Five said...

GREAT Reviews! I love the title too! (Perhaps a re-occurring post??)

I also have not seen I am Legend yet, but I found both Juno and Superbad both hilarious!

I rented Superbad one evening that I knew the Mother of Five was going to be working, and watched it AFTER the kids went to bed!

Perhaps it is my line of work, but the language was not all that shocking. I listen to it all day at work....

I have not yet seen the 40 Year Old Virgin either.. It keeps showing up in my "Redbox" - but only when I am not able to watch it...

One of these days!

Would that be a movie "wives" would enjoy too, or should I wait until she is working some evening??

Unknown said...

The Boss Lady loved Superbad and The 40 Year Old Virgin. But like you, there is plenty of colorful language floating around the principal's office.

AMR said...

Agree on all counts -- right down to the so-so review of Legend. Superbad is just . . . wow. At least 40 slows down at points so you can catch your breath.

Juno's soundtrack is Almost Famous-like -- so good.