Friday, May 02, 2008

This behavior sucks! And saves!

The AtHomeFam just got back from vacuum shopping. Yep that is the way we roll on Friday nights. Hot dogs and pizza at the snack bar at Costco and then we comparison shop the small appliances. We are hopping, folks!

Costco had a pretty good price on a couple of Hoover vacs. Nothing fancy, but $75 cheaper than Sears for the same machine. The problem was, we got hung up on the eternal question, bagged or bag-less. They had one of each type and the price was within $10.

While The Boss Lady and I were debating the merits of each system, the kids were climbing on displays, crawling through shelves and generally just taking all the fun out of shopping for power tools. Hey, it plugs in, makes noise and does work, so it qualifies. OK?

So we came back home. Without a vacuum. That's right. Act a fool and I make you walk around on dirty floors! When we got home, the kids were given the bum's rush to bath and bed. I decided to look online to see if there was a better deal to be found. And was there ever.

Thanks to my wife's kids, I found the exact same machine on an Friday Sale for $100 cheaper than Costco's price. They even threw in 3-5 day shipping. The Costco machine came with some extra bags, but not $100 worth. Plus, this way we stick it to the man. Sales tax this, buddeeeeeeeeee!

So if you ever see my children acting like morons at Costco, have no fear. They are just watching out for the family's finances!

Edit - 8 am Saturday - Evidently the kids had great timing. And Amazon was serious about that Friday only thing. The price of that sucker (pun fully intended. I work hard for those bad puns) is back up $42 since we ordered.


Anonymous said...

Man it's like you guys are channeling me! I was using our crappy canister '90s vacuum today, which does not suck so well. And for almost as long as we've had it, it sucks the plug/cord in when you turn it on. And sometimes, it comes right out of the wall. And anyway, cause it doesn't suck, I was using the hose on the tile floor in the bathroom. And since I was bent over so low, I cracked my head on the doorknob!! OWW! So I told Dad I hate that vacuum for the gazillionth time since we got it. He says, "It probably just needs a new bag." Yeah, I'll give a it a new bag . . . how about the garbage bag! ugh! Glad someone got a tool that actually sucks!

Mike said...

We should get together and have a "Blow the Old Suckers Up Party!"

AMR said...

That Dyson guy makes me feel so crappy for having a non-swivel wheeled bag vacuum every time I watch his commercial.

Congrats on the new machine. I just want something smaller!

Anonymous said...

It's that rush one gets after having stuck it to the retail-man, that keeps us coming back for more...and more...

I get to go to Costco today and buy Diapers! Yaaah me!