Monday, May 12, 2008

She slapped me

I was struck by a co-worker this morning. Right in the face.

And the Boss Lady says I deserved it. But she wasn't there. You are on my side, aren't you?

Co-worker: So what did you and the kid's do to celebrate Mother's Day with your wife?
Me: Hey, it isn't my problem. She isn't my mother. If the kids wanted to celebrate with THEIR mom, then they should have come up with something.

I was giggling as I started to walk away. Then she hit me.

Luckily, it was a soft smack. A tap, really.

I was going to tell my co-worker about the 2, count 'em, two, vacuums AND the new blender that I got running this weekend, just in time for Mother's Day. But I was afraid she would break my jaw if I shared that info.

Just FYI, the new blender does a mighty fine job on the other stuff, too.

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