Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been on a vacuuming and blending bender

Last week we got the much anticipated new vacuum cleaner. And we spanked that machine this weekend. You simply cannot should not have a Great Pyrenees dog who lives inside your house and a half-functional vacuum cleaner. I was so impressed by the quality of the cleaning that I got inspired to dust off an old friend, the Roomba Vac.

That machine was all the rage around here for about 6 months. Then I got tired of cleaning out the brushes after every single room. So it lingered in a corner until I de-dog furred the robot and charged the batteries back up. The floors were basically clean so we just needed a quick touch up. Normally I pull out the broom and dustpan for the little touch-ups. OK, technically I GO FIND the broom and dustpan since it it usually still sitting wherever I used it several days earlier. Yes, I am lazy. Next question?

But this weekend I was able to let the Roomba do the dirty work for me. Ahh! It is good to be the King of Lazy.

So the King needed a reward. This weekend I picked up a new Magic Bullet blender. And let me tell you, thanks to an aversion I developed while hanging out with my often swindled grandmother, I NEVER EVER EVER buy something if it is marked "As Seen on TV". So without The Boss Lady's recommendation, this little puppy would not have jumped into the cart at Costco.

But the wife assured me that she heard it works great for smoothies and other stuff. And I really like the other stuff. A lot. And it is summer. The perfect time for other stuff on the back porch.

Last night, thanks to Texas's blue laws, we could not buy the fixings for frozen margaritas. So we made strawberry/banana smoothies. The new blender lived up to the hype. And the King was happy. As happy as one can be without a nice, slushy frozen margarita.

Anyways, this afternoon the kids and I drank smoothies and watched max and Ruby while the Roomba cleaned up the living room. That is living! And tonight The Boss Lady and I might watch the robot vacuum the rest of the house. If I make to the liquor store before it closes.


Bryan said...

That does sound like living. You have me sold on the roomba, not as sold on the magic bullet. Maybe a reprogram for the roomba to beerba.......

Mike said...

Yeah the Roomba rocks as long as you have no pets with 18 inch hair shedding all the time. Even then it is pretty cool.

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

I like your comment about "as seen on TV."

There's an entire store here that just sells "As seen on TV" stuff. It's my favorite place to go get gag gifts at Christmas.

This year I got - and how could I make this up? - a cat hammock.

Anonymous said...

Cat Hammock?!!?! Maybe we could borrow it as a safety net if the pretty calico keeps falling out of the window. Her last big spill ended up costing a few thousand $$ at the vet.