Friday, May 02, 2008

Garden Tour

Back just a month and a half ago my garden didn't look like much. Few plants had survived our brutal winter. It looked something like this:

Now that everything is growing and the garden looks a little less like a recently dug cemetery plot:

The tomatoes are coming in.

The sage in bloom, is like perfume (Clap Clap Clap Clap).
Deep in the heart of Texas!

My favorite garden plot. The 'taters!

Some watermelons for the kiddies.

We are already knee deep in lettuce and greens. I planted my snow peas too late, but they are still growing fine. Hopefully we will get a small crop before they give in to the heat. I ended up growing three different types of beans this year. (3 Bean Salad, anyone?) And the herbs that I kept growing through the Not-Summer season are all doing great.

Should be a bumper crop of everything this season.


Susan Godfrey said...

Hey Mike, your garden looks great! Ours is so sad this year. We got a really late start due to my husband having to work a ton of overtime this spring. But we got a few things in and are adding as we can. We'll do a big late summer/fall garden...thank goodness for the long Texas growing season. The potatoes look great, but have you ever tried growing them in tires? Here's a link...

My husband has been wanting to try this for a while, so maybe he'll get around to it this year. Anyway, thought I'd pass along the link and say hello!

The Father of Five said...

"Brutal Winter"?? (rolling eyes)..

Mike, your garden looks great! The weatherman is letting us know that we may now finally be free of the last of winter... But it's still cold and raining... but we have consistently been out of the 40's, into the 50's and working our way into the 60's (perhaps next week some time).

They are still talking about ice on some of the lakes for walleye opener...

Anyway - great looking garden! Keep us updated!

AMR said...

Beautiful garden. Mine is going along nicely, though I've had a few cold season crop failures (carrots never made it). But already, the pepper, squash and tomato plants are taking off -- and added some flowers for color (hey, we need beauty in our lives also!).