Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gotta take the Stupid with the
Awesomely Stupendous!

The mailman rang the doorbell a few minutes ago. I was assuming he was delivering a box of vacuum cleaner bags. Otherwise, he would have just stuck the mail in the box at the curb. But no. He was delivering a sugar buzz from on high. Or Minnesota. Either one sounds heavenly right now!

Thanks, Father of Five. I will enjoy and I might even share with the family, as you suggest. But no promises there, OK?

But along with the goodness that is the bounty of the North, we got a letter. From right here in Austin, TX. The address is just about a 20 minute drive from our house. And it was printed yesterday. Which is pretty good time for snail mail.

The IRS sent out this friendly reminder about the economic stimulus payment. And their math is exactly in agreement with the amount that we thought we would be borrowing from the future getting.

In fact, I KNOW the amount to be correct since the direct deposit prefund (Yeah, I made up a word. Feel free to use it) hit our account LAST WEEK!

Regardless of the IRS's ability to get the job done in a timely manner, I can still sit here and enjoy some afternoon 'nack of the highest order. Thanks again, Father of Five.


The Father of Five said...

You are very welcome!

AtHomeDaddy brings a smile to my face, and if it were not for the 1200 miles drive, I could see hanin' out and BBQ'ing with the AtHome Gang!

For those of you who may not have seen the original posts about this package... It all started HERE.

I quickly followed that up with THIS.

But, due to another package I was preparing to send out to a friend fighting in Iraq, this package got a little... uh... delayed. The joke in sending the package got a bit lost...

When I finally got around to the Post office, I found that shipping a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper is a trifle bit expensive.. So it required a re-evaluation.

That is why AtHomeDaddy got two 20 oz'ers instead of the 2-liter.

I hope you're still able to enjoy!

Again, thanks for brightening my day through AtHomeDaddy / TruckinDaddy!

P.S. It looks like those are "contest bottles"... I'm staking claim on 10% of your winnings! Let's call it a "finder's fee"

Anonymous said...

"Prefund"...that might rank up there with "Festivus."

In fact, I might have to invite the IRS to my Festivus celbration this year so I can aire my grievances!